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Summer Reading: Summer Reading

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OverDrive eBooks & eAudiobooks

Logging into OverDrive

  1. Go to on your computer or mobile device’s browser.
    1. Note: the mobile app will be available for schools using Google authentication later in the summer, so for now, students will just use the website interface on mobile devices.
  2. Click the Find my school button OR click I have a setup code.
    1. Find my school option - If your school doesn’t show up automatically based on your location, click My school isn’t listedand search by school name, zip code, or city (you can also search for “MLS Commonwealth”).
    2. I have a setup code option – Enter masslibma to be directed to the MLS sign in page.
  3. Choose your school from the drop-down menu and click Sign In

  1. Enter your school Google credentials to be entered into the MLS Commonwealth account.

Information about OverDrive eBooks

  • The main formats for Sora are our OverDrive Read (ebooks) and OverDrive Listen (audiobooks) browser-based formats.
    • OverDrive Read offers some great features, like the ability to add bookmarks, search for terms, add notes and highlights, look up words, and change the font (including our Dyslexic Font).

  • Students can browse through all of the titles in your collection on the Explore tab.



  • Loans and holds can be found in the Shelf tab.

  • Once a student starts reading a book, it will always be one click away, with the cover image showing up on the bottom of the screen, even while scrolling down.

Summer Assignments

All 9th-12th graders (except AP Literature & AP Language students) will be given a book by A.S. King to read this summer in preparation for the author's visit in October. We will have a one-day lesson in your ELA class based on the assigned book before Ms. King's presentation.

9th & 10th - Please Ignore Vera Dietz

11th Grade - The Dust of 100 Dogs

12th Grade - Still Life with Tornado

Reading Recommendations