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World History Documents

Primary Sources

EuroDocs (wiki)
EuroDocs links connect to Western European (mainly primary) historical documents that are transcribed, reproduced in facsimile, or translated. They shed light on key historical happenings within the respective countries (and within the broadest sense of political, economic, social and cultural history). The order of documents is chronological wherever possible.
No guarantee of accuracy is implied or assumed, particularly for remote links over which the webmaster has no control.

European History Primary Sources
This is an index of scholarly websites that offer online access to digitised primary sources on the history of Europe. The websites listed on EHPS are not only meta-sources but also include invented archives and born digital sources.

World Digital Library
The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook - from Fordham University
The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use.

Washington University Libraries - History: Europe
A research guide to primary and secondary sources for European history. (some dead links)

The Napoleanic Age

The Industrial Revolution

Google Books - search for digital editions of book, limit to Preview and Full View, and use the Table of Contents to navigate to relevant pages


Open Library - free, full-text books that are free from copyright