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PicLits Poetry: Home


Rhymer - rhyming dictionary

Glossary -  of poetic terms

How to Read Poetry Aloud


Poetry Forms

Cinquain Poems - 5 lines in the shape of a diamond

Concrete Poems - poem in the shape of its subject
Diamante Poems - 7 lines in the shape of a diamond
Haiku Poems - 3 lines (5/7/5 syllables) usually about nature
Portrait Poems - create a portrait of yourself in poetry
Up and Down Poems - build a poem off a word spelled vertically
Twist Poems - Bi-directional spiraled poems using contrastive themes or topics


PicLits Poetry


1.      Create a PicLits account. Use your first initial and last name as your pen name so Mr. Yelle will know who submitted which poem.

2.      Using the “freestyle” option in PicLits, write a poem inspired by the photograph you select.  Include one vocabulary word and at least two poetic devices from the lists below.

     Poetic Devices – use at least two poetic devices









      Vocabulary Words – use one word from this list

antagonize   omniscient   unscientific   symbolic   proton   agony    dialect    paradox    claustrophobia    anthropology    connotation    rhetorical    archetype    jargon    satirical    cliché  

3.      Pair up with a classmate to edit each other’s poem.  Correct spelling using a dictionary, and check the poem for understanding and style.

4.      Read through your poem several times in preparation for your presentation.

5.      Email your PicLit poem to Mr. Yelle at