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@ Greenfield High School: Tools

Test Prep


FREE Test Prep

Be a Good Citizen Online

Digital Citizenship Guide

MTV's A Thin Line campaign was developed to empower you to identify, respond to, and stop the spread of digital abuse in your life and amongst your peers.

10 Things You Should Never Post to Facebook

Organize & Study

Diigo - a multi-tool for knowledge management (bookmark, tag, highlight, notes)

Diigolet - add this link to your favorites toolbar to use Diigo more easily

Quicklyst - helps you take beautiful outline-style notes that help you structure your ideas

StudyBlue - create online flashcards

Citelighter - Store, organize, and share your education and research for free

LiveBinders  is your 3-ring binder for the web, create an online binder for content curation

iGoogle - your personalized Google page where you can get instant updates from your favorite sites and tools

Evernote - helps you remember and act upon ideas, projects and experiences

iCyte - save and annotate entire websites

Brainstorm & Map


Popplet - brainstorm, create concept maps, and storyboard alone or with your peers


SpiderScribe - an online mind mapping and brainstorming tool that lets you organize your ideas by connecting notes, files, calendar events, etc. in free-form maps


SpicyNodes - a concept map presenation tool that allows users to link and embed pictures, websites, and more into the overall presentation

Edistorm - online brainstorming & planning using "sticky notes"

Coggle - collaborative mind maps

Student Feedback


PicLits - write poems inspired by photos right on top of the image

Flocabulary - educational hip-hop and rap writing with lessons, videos, and songs (get a free 14 day trial)

Blogs - many free sites available including Edublogs, Blogger (from Google), and Tumblr

Wikis - ideal for collaborative projects, there are many free wiki sites such as PBWorks, Wikispaces, and Wetpaint

Websites - several tools enable users to create free and easy websites, including Google Sites, Weebly, and Zoho

Google Docs - suite of free, online office software that allows multiple people to edit at the same time

Issuu - create your own online publication

Myebook - free ebook publishing

StoryJumper - publish your own children's book

Myths & Legends - create a slightly animated storybook (free trial version allows you to print, but not to save)

Figment - a community where you can share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors.

Create Presentations

Prezi (18+ or parental permission) - cool, zooming presentations

VoiceThread - presentations where you and viewers can add drawings, messages, and voice comments

Google Presentation - free, online presentation creator where multiple people can edit at the same time

SlideRocket - free, online presentation creator with some cool animations and themes

Projeqt - free, online dynamic presentation tool that allows you to incorporate real-time

SpicyNodes - a concept map presenation tool that allows users to link and embed pictures, websites, and more into the overall presentation

Empressr - free, online presentation tool that allows you to record audio, video, and photos

More Tools

ThingLink  - turn a picture into an interactive presentation by including text, audio, video, and links

Glogster - create digital posters that can include images, audio, web links, and video

Fakebook - make a Fakebook page for a literary character or historical figure and imagine the conversations they may have (WARNING!: glitchy at GHS)

Trading Card Creator - use art and writing to create cards about literary characters, historical figures, authors, etc.

Celly for education- a platform of tools that enhances school communication, where you create cells and members can join by texting or logging in to the web

Dipity - create free interactive timelines

Lingt Classroom - web tools for language classes

Jing - free screencasting tool that allows you to record everything you do on your computer screen (requires a download)

Museum Box - build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box

Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Schools

Coding & Computer Design

Scratch - free programming language from MIT that allows you to create stories, games, music, and art then publish online (must be downloaded in advance)

Create Videos

iMovie - the library has this software loaded on all iPads; you can film and edit on the iPad

​The library has a video camera and tripod that you can borrow.

Comics, Cartoons & Avatars

Bitstrips - comic strip creator

Voki - create speaking avatars (for literary characters, historical figures, or yourself)

Digibody - simple caricatures

Comic Master - a free, easy to use tool for creating short graphic novels


Audioboo - record and share sound recordings

Audacity - free audio recording and editing software; loaded on all library computers

Podomatic - publish your podcast online for free

GarageBand - music and sound creator and editor available on the library iPads

Social Learning

Edmodo - a secure social learning network for teachers and students

iEARN - a global online community of students and teachers from over 130 countries that transcend linguistic, national, political, religious, and social borders to collaborate on meaningful educational projects in hopes of making a difference in the health and welfare of people and our planet


Piktochart - a free and simple online tool to help you create posters to give visual information about a topic

Wordle - create word clouds (for vocabulary, character anaylsis, themes in history/science, etc.)

Tagxedo - word clouds that can be fashioned into shapes

Google Charts provides a perfect way to visualize data on your website or project

Canva - create infographics easily with some free elements

Easelly - represent an idea in a visual way

Venngage - tell your stories and present your data with infographics